061: The Truth About… Emotional Freedom

061: The Truth About… Emotional Freedom

In the coaching world you hear so often of people creating 'financial freedom'. In this episode of The Phenomenal Living Podcast, Laura shares why no type of freedom matters until you have emotional freedom. 


Listen to the episode here >> Ep. 061: The Truth About… Emotional Freedom


Tune in to hear:

❤️ Why being fixated on the right social media, right coach, right branding etc is bypassing the #1 most important work, by a wide margin

❤️ Laura’s process working with her Phenomenal Women 1:1 clients 

❤️ What happens when we can shift and release these two specific emotions (and what’s really going on when we’re in fear)

❤️The body-mind-emotions link that, when you understand, will change how you see your life, run your business and work with clients 



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