056: It’s Time to Recalibrate & Rise

056: It’s Time to Recalibrate & Rise


After a deep contemplation period, Laura is re-emerging. In this episode you'll hear a raw transmission that flowed during a livestream she felt compelled to share with you here on the podcast. 

Listen to the episode here >> Ep. 056: It’s Time to Recalibrate & Rise

Tune in to hear:

❤️ How to emotionally and energetically navigate the highs and lows of life

❤️ Why setting goals and picking words of the year are useless without this one vital piece of the puzzle

❤️ A whole new approach for staying on your path (even when you need to take a break)

❤️ The “hack” to knowing what you want and where you want to go 

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“‘Be with it’ isn’t showering toxic positivity onto hard things. It’s being with your feelings exactly as they are so you can learn the lessons they agave for you” -- Laura Husson

“Repeat after me: I’m allowed to feel scared. I’m allowed to cry. I’m allowed to feel hopeful. I’m allowed to laugh even when hard things are happening around me. When ALL vibes are welcome, we get to recalibrate .” -- Laura Husson

“Learning to pause instead of push is how we create genuine momentum. Here we go!” -- Laura Husson

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