036: The Truth About Creation

036: The Truth About Creation






Hey Shift Seeker!

On the latest episode of The Shift Seekers® Show Laura is sharing the truth about creation and how it gets to be raw, unfiltered, quick and joyful. This is essential listening if you need a jolt of inspiration.

Listen to the episode here >> Ep. 036: The Truth About Creation

Tune in to discover:

  • The sneaky 6-letter word that could be getting in the way of you creating
  • The ups and downs of Laura’s decision that the time is NOW to write her first book
  • The truth about the excuses we make for not doing the things we really want to
  • The creation of The Book Experience
  • Why, when there’s something you really want to do, it’s never about the money
  • Following your intuition in the creative process
  • What you need to know if you have a great idea but are stuck in the ‘how’
  • Laura’s take on the advice never to share when you’re in the messy middle but only when you’re on the other side
  • How creation gets to be fun!

Press play and then let us know: What did you need to hear in this episode?

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