018: Banning the 'B' Word

018: Banning the 'B' Word





Tuning into the language we use has more power than we give it credit for.  In this episode, Laura discusses how reframing your words can shift your reality.

What was discussed in this episode

  • Focus on your language and how it’s part of your identity that’s weighing you down
  • Use the ‘B’ word as a marker of success
  • Laura’s own website was a mess when she was the website girl
  • Things started to change when Laura hired her first freelancer
  • Realisation “it doesn’t have to stay this way”
  • Getting help gave more time
  • How things quickly got to be different
  • This experience caused reflection on how she uses her language
  • Saying things on repeat becomes your identity
  • The language you are using - how could I say that differently?
  • It took time but Laura changed her language which in turn changed her business
  • What could you ban from your vocabulary?
  • Subconscious loves repetition and makes everything personal about you
  • How your language affects your subconscious and subsequently your reality
  • All conversations in person, online, even with yourself.


Links we discussed:

The SHIFT Seekers

Subconscious Transformation Academy


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