017: Karly Nimmo on Living Your Truth

Karly Nimmo is a communicator. A creator. A connector.

She values fun, family and freedom.

And she has some pretty darn special super powers.

Yet, for most of her life, she was completely disconnected from who she really was. Karly spent her life hiding away in the shadows, discounting her unique gifts and constantly seeking out (or hunting down) her ‘purpose’… in addition to validation from anyone who would give it.

In Karly's words - "I know this sounds rather ‘Disney’, but after all that soul searching and all that external seeking, I came to find I was what I’d been looking for all along. I was everything I needed to be. I was already who I wanted to be.".

Her journey has been one of dizzying heights (which she didn’t see, or celebrate, at the time) and soul crushing lows (which she definitely saw, and wallowed in).

Karly's is a tale of how failure defined her, until she defined it.  It’s a tale of throwing a party and no one showing up.  It’s a tale of rejection… and of self loathing. Of mediocrity at it’s least finest. But it’s also a tale of strength and courage. It’s a tale of bouncing back. It’s a tale of bravery, vulnerability and living a life in service. It’s a tale of acceptance. And learning to love someone she’d thought was unlovable. Herself.

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