Sophie Brigstocke

011: Sophie Brigstocke on Life Beyond Anxiety


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It’s time for a transformation conversation!
Today we are bringing you a conversation that I was fortunate enough to have with Sophie Brigstocke
Sophie is a Birth and Postnatal Doula and Breastfeeding Supporter. She was awarded “Doula of the Year” at MaMa Conference, 2017. Since 2014 she has run Nurturing Birth, facilitating doula training courses across the UK, Europe and the United Arab Emirates and supporting doulas to go out and work with new families. She lives in London.
Sophie shares the unexpected twists and turns from how she has gone from really needing to know the how, the answers, the strategies and the steps into really leaning into trust and surrender.  
What was discussed in this episode
  • Sophie's transformational journey;
  • Dealing with crippling anxiety;
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs;
  • Sophie's experience of the Shift Method
  • How the Shift Method helped Sophie overcome her anxiety of travelling;
  • What life looks like now for Sophie;
  • Giving herself permission to rewrite her own script;
  • Eliminating comparistonitus and imposter syndrome;
  • Learning to listen to her body;
  • How her transformation has impacted others;
  • Looking back at how far she has come;
  • Sophie's advice of how to get Unstuck
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