007: Stepping into a New Reality with Mary Ashton

007: Stepping into a New Reality with Mary Ashton


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Get ready to hear a wowser of a transformation.  

This week we have our first guest episode with Mary Ashton who shares her transformational story.  Mary’s self-worth was very low and she was a classic people pleaser putting everyone else first before herself.  Mary has had so many shifts and is now also part of Team Totally Laura.  

Here is what’s covered in this episode:

  • Mary’s journey from a 23 year career looking after children to building her Executive Assistant & Transformational Coaching business;
  • How she came into Laura’s world;
  • Needing guidance on where to take her business and wanting a business that she was passionate about;
  • What she wanted to feel, experience and what she thought was possible;
  • What needed to shift and change;
  • How one shift session changed her emotions;
  • Eliminating Twenty limiting beliefs in the Shift Sessions;
  • Identifying and releasing her second gains & physical pain;
  • How the death of her Father changed her life;
  • How she knows she is finally on the right path and trusts the process;
  • Overcoming the fear of being judged;
  • What she would say to her old self;
  • What she sees is possible that she couldn't see before;
  • What she would say to someone who doesn't see that it's possible for them;
  • Her money mindset issues and how she has overcome them;
  • Following those nudges and knowing that this is a journey

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